Shadows of the Blue and Gray



All Programs Are In Main Shelter Unless Noted

Children’s Civil War Scavenger Hunts are both days

9:00- Park opens: Tour the camps & artisan workshops

9:30- Officers Call Log Cabin

10:30 - Individual Unit Drill (Battlefield)

11:00 - Civil War Weapons Display

11:30 - Infantry Load Competition (outside pavilion)

12:00 - Women's Frying Pan toss (outside pavilion) 

12:30- Entrance of President Lincoln

12:45- Presidential Address & Press Conference

1:30- Tank and the Beez (Music)

1:30 - The Civil War: Did You Know? Kids Program (Tall Trees Stage)

3:00- Battle Reenactment- Main Field

4:00- Post battle medical demonstrations at the medical tents

5:30 - Reenactor Dinner (Pavilion)

6:30 - Music and Story Telling (Pavilion)

7:30 - Cannon Night fire. (weather permitting)


9:00- Park opens: Tour the camps & artisan workshops

9:00- Non-denominational church service

10:00 - Officers Call in Log Cabin

10:30 - Civil War Weapons Display

10:30 - Individual Unit Drill (Battlefield)

11:00 - Weeping and dying contest ( Battlefield)

11:45- Entrance of President & Mrs. Lincoln, Presidential Address & Press Conference

12:30- Meet General Ulysses S. Grant U.S.A.

1:15 - Tank and the Beez

2:00- Battle Reenactment- Main Field

3:00- The Civil War: Did You Know? Kids program (Tall Trees Stage)

3:00- Post battle medical demonstrations by the medical tents

4:00- Park closes

The 2020 Shadows of the Blue and Gray will be held October 10th and 11th, 2020 at beautiful City County Park just north of Princeton, IL.  We are excited to be joined this year by President Lincoln and General Grant. 

Admission for the event is $5 for adults and children over 5. Children under 5 are free.

Each Artillery piece that is PRE-REGISTERED and TAKES THE FIELD will receive powder and bounty. Each horse that is PRE-REGISTERED and TAKES THE FIELD will receive a bounty as well.


Saturday night we are offering a free dinner to all our reenactor friends that register. As always straw/hay, firewood and water will be available. we humbly ask that you clean up your camp site before you leave. You can download our registration form or submit it online on our registration page.